Solera Volume I Single Malt Whisky Arrives at Whitton Malt House

Solera Volume I Single Malt Whisky Arrives at Whitton Malt House

Why launch our own whisky?

This was simply a natural progression of our existing business model.  Our founders are successful farmers, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and passionate advocates of agro-tourism, education and community.  Whitton Malt House grew from the spark of an idea, into a spectacular venue overlooking expansive parkland employing countless local people and welcoming thousands of visitors throughout the year.  Our core purpose was to always champion local produce, people, and products - including barley farmers, local malters and of course boutique craft beer and spirit distillers.  The appreciation of good whisky was with us from the beginning, it was in our DNA.  We believe passionately that Australia has the best climate, barley, barrels and talent to naturally produce the best whisky in the world.

Big thinkers and even bigger 'doers' are a natural partnership for us

Featured in the top 10 up and coming whisky distilleries in the world in 2017, the team at Corowa Distilling Co. garnered further accolades including Best Australian whiskey as part of Dan Murphy’s inaugural Decoded Spirits Awards.  In 2022 an invitation was extended to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in London which resulted in the creation of limited edition indisputably luxurious whisky, a most fitting tribute to the occasion.

Dean Druce founder and director, says that truly great Australian whisky pays homage to the land we love, our rich heritage and the people that make it home.  The Corowa Distilling Co, which is located on the New South Wales’ side of the Murray River, grew out of the chocolate business that the Druce family ran from their organic farm. Given the chance to buy an old flour mill for just $1, they set up a distillery and put out their first releases in 2018 and the rest, is history.

'We cannot make whisky without Voyager Craft Malt, the quality that is provided to us makes our job as distillers so much easier and I think that you can really see that in this collaboration,' Dean explains. 'Solera Volume I has been one of my favourite whiskies this year. It is soft and delicate while having those big bold fruit and dark chocolate characteristics in it as well.' 

From the farm to bottle, a remarkable journey of collaboration

Schooner Barley is an older heritage variety, bred in Adelaide in the late 1970’s by David Sparrow and was the main malt grade barley variety grown throughout Australia for most of the 80’s and 90’s until it was superseded by higher yielding varieties.  It was a variety that Voyager Craft Malt resurrected at the beginning of their malting journey 10 years ago, and soon discovered a much more pronounced malt flavour, sweetness and body that resonated with the emerging craft brewing scene. Dean Druce from Corowa Distilling trialed the Schooner alongside some other malts and after comparing, has used nothing but Schooner Barley since. This malt for Corowa is cold steeped, germinated and kilned to the lightest malt profile, where the nuance of this variety really shines.  The Schooner Barley used in the production of Solera Volume I was locally grown at Barellan. 

It provides us all at Whitton Malt House with immense pride to see this bottle on our retail shelves and behind our whisky bar.  More so, to tell our guests the story, end to end from farmer to malter to distiller to retailer - all from the Riverina. Please book your special whisky tasting experience, or purchase this limited series for yourself or a whisky lover now.