Whisky-tasting at Whitton Malt House

Whisky-tasting at Whitton Malt House: Are you in?

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw famously said: “Whisky is liquid sunshine”. And, he’s not the only notable person to love the stuff. Even Hillary Clinton is a fan of drinking whisky in moderation.

In recent years, the amber-coloured distilled spirit, made out of fermented grain, has shrugged its conservative image and emerged as the new cool. The world over, whisky is seeing a renaissance. 

Since 2012, World Whisky Day has shone the light on the golden nectar, which will be celebrated on Saturday, 15 May in 2021. Here at Whitton Malt House, our regular whisky tastings are fast becoming a must-do.

What can you expect from a whisky-tasting experience at the malt house?

Five-step whisky-tasting  

The Whitton Malt House team will guide you through a whisky-tasting experience, in the comfort of our purpose-built cellar door.

Step 1.

You’ll examine the appearance of the whisky you’re tasting. Admire the colour the barrel and malt has given the whisky. Every whisky is slightly different. 

Step 2.

You’ll review the viscosity. Swirl the glass and look for the streaks of liquid which run down the inside of the glass, known as the ‘legs’.  The thicker the legs, the more voluptuous the mouthfeel.

Step 3.

You’ll shake the glass and watch. Put your hand over the glass and shake the whisky. Watch how long it takes the resultant bubbles to disappear. Rub your hands together and smell the barley, from which the whisky was made.

Step 4.

Now, you’ll sniff. Move your glass towards your nose while taking short, sharp sniffs. Keep your mouth open. Trust your nose. There’s no right or wrong – everything you smell comes from life experience. Often, the same scent will prompt wildly different associations for each person.

Step 5.

You’ll take your first sip of whisky. Taste comes from the tongue while flavour comes from your nose. So, breathe to help your orthonasal perception. Take in the texture and swallow.

What’s on the malt house tasting menu?

In our previous blog, Meet Our Malt Makers (And Why They're In Whitton), you can read about Stuart Whytcross and Brad Woolner from Voyager Craft Malt, whose artisan malt is the soul of beer and whisky on our menu.

Here’s what you’ll taste when you join us at the malt house:

Download tasting notes for craft beer (PDF).

Download our tasting notes for whisky (PDF).

When are our whisky tastings?

Keep an eye on the What’s On page of our website for up-to-date information on our whisky tastings at Whitton Malt House. If you’d like to know more about our whisky tastings, we’d love to hear from you.

Email: admin@whittonmalthouse.com.au

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