WMH & Voyager Craft Malt: Tower of Craft

WMH & Voyager Craft Malt: Tower of Craft

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Presenting the Maltsters Dozen. (A Maltsters Dozen is 16 beers right?) 16, yes S I X T E E N craft beers for $75. Hand selected by Voyager Craft Malt for this truly unique, one off pack. Real craft beers, made by small, independent breweries (who would all love your support right now) all of whom use our locally grown and our onsite malted grain.

Bridge Road Brewers, Outside Larger

Batch Brewing, American Pale Ale

Grassy Knoll Brewing, Session Ale

New World 3, IPA

Felons Brewing Co,   Australian Pale Ale

Pioneer Brewing Co, White IPA

Thirsty Crow, Sporting Ale

Tumut River Brewing Co, JW Pilsner, Session Larger

Pioneer Brewing Co, Red Rye IPA

Barellan Beer Co, Golden Grain Ale

St Andrew Beach Brewery, Race Day Pilsner

Tumut River Brewing Co, Your Shout Easy Ale

Fresh Coast, West Hop IPA

Bridge Road Brewers, Beachworth Pale Ale

Batch Brewing, West Coast IPA

Loose Goose, Haze IPA

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